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The Novels

The "official" Dragonlance novels - includes a current list with publication dates and with links to summaries for every series.  
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Omnibus and Reference Books

Various collections from the novel series and reference books that are more related to the novels than to the AD&D material.

New Comic Book Series

The Legend of Huma comic being published Feb 2004 thru end of 2004.

The Dragonlance Comic

The origninal 36 comic book series published Dec 1988 thru Aug 1991 re-telling and expanding on stories from some of the original Dragonlance novels  

AD&D Material

Sourcebooks, rulebooks, and adventure modules released under AD&D.  

Other Miscellaneous Products

Other games and novels related to the Dragonlance Saga.  

Tanis and Laurana - Artwork done by Larry Elmore

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