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Reading Orders

Here's a helpful diagram from Wizards of the Coast that helps organize the novels.

Over the years, one of the biggest questions I've ever received from people interested in Dragonlance is "Have you really read all those books?!?" Well, ya. But I was lucky enough to start reading the Dragonlance novels way back around 1988 or so. Consequently, there were relatively few books in the series at the time and it was easy to decide how to read them. And I've just kept up with them and read them as they came out since then. Now with over 110 books and counting, the biggest question I hear from new fans is "Just where am I to start reading?"

Now this question has been answered before, and you can find quite a few guidelines out there on how to go about tackling this reading. My personal feeling would be to read them in publication order as often the new stories are based on information in previous books (whether or not the book takes place previously or later chronologically) but there is more than one right way to read these.

So below, you will find several suggestions on what order to read the Dragonlance novels in. Is one better than the other? Not necessarily, as it depends on how much you want to read, and where your interests lie. In conclusion, choose whatever's best for you, even mix them up if you want, but most importantly, enjoy reading them!
-Breaga Silverwolfe

Publication Date

This lists the novels in order by their publication dates. This does mix up series as many new series were started while old ones were still finishing up. This will give you the best picture of how Dragonlance has evolved over the years.

By Series

This order is similar to the publication list but this is for people who would rather not be jumping around through several series at once. This order lists the novels from the publication date of the first in its series and you don't go onto the next series until you're done.


This is probably the most common reading order recommendation out there. What this list does is list the novels by their importance to the Dragonlance storylines. So the main books are read first (Chronicles, Legends, Fifth Age, War of Souls) and then you can branch out and read the supporting stories.


This list is for those who would like to read in chronological order, or just if you are curious on where the book you are currently reading lies in the River of Time. Originally based on "Historical Timeline of Krynn" by Harold Johnson and Sue Weinlein from Dragon Magazine # 224 which you can check out here this list has been greatly expanded to include the rest of novels and short stories published since then.

By Author

Now I am not sure why you would want to read the entire Dragonlance series by author but I've included it here as more of a reference list if you find an author you especially like and would like to know what else they have written.
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