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Series Summary

Dragons of a New Age

The gods have left the world, and humans must fight the new Great Dragon overlords alone. But as this dawning age brings new danger to the face of Krynn, brave new heroes rise up to face them.

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Cover Art Dragons of a New Age Vol 1 Sep 1996
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Volume 1

The Dawning of a New Age

Jean Rabe

Paperback Published
Sep 1996

Re-released with
new cover art
June 2002

The Chaos War is over.
Magic has gone away…
Or has it?

The gods have vanished, and magic wanes from Krynn. It is the Age of Mortals, but also the Age of Dragons, more massive and powerful than any seen before. They are devastating villages, enslaving people, and claiming to be the overlords of Ansalon. The War of the Lance was only a rehearsal, the War Against Chaos only a skirmish. The War of the Dragons is imminent.

Goldmoon, last of the original companions, is not willing to give up, and searches for new heroes to challenge the overlords. One troubled man answers her call.

The Dawning of a New Age introduces the next era of fantastical adventures in the worldwide best-selling DRAGONLANCE® Saga.


Paperback Published
Aug 1997

Re-released with
new cover art
Aug 2002

Volume 2

The Day of the Tempest

Jean Rabe

Cover Art Dragons of a New Age Vol 2 Aug 1997
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The great dragon overlords threaten to enslave Krynn. They've magically altered the land, sculpting domains to suit their foul moods, and now they have started to amass armies of dragons, humanoids, and spawn. Even the once-proud Knights of Takhisis are joining the ranks and preparing to strike against the citizens of Ansalon.

This is Krynn's darkest hour.

But a handful of humans refuses to surrender. Spurred on by the famed sorcerer Palin Majere, and armed with an ancient dragonlance, they dare to stand up to the overlords. It may be their last act of courage.


Cover Art Dragons of a New Age Vol 3
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Volume 3

The Eve of the Maelstrom

Jean Rabe

Paperback Published Feb 1998

Re-released with
new cover art
Nov 2002

  The two most powerful dragon overlords clash in a showdown for ultimate rule over Ansalon!

Malystryx and Khellendros have long been in collusion, but as the dragons grow in size and strength, so do their egos and their thirst for power. The Blue Dragon plots against Malys in a bid for dominance over the other dragon overlords and her fury at his betrayal is as massive and fiery as she.

The heroes of a new age have their own scheming to do as it becomes clear that the power of the heart can help them battle against the dragons that have so completely devastated their homeland. But can strength of spirit - pure emotions and faith - ever prevail over raw power and size?

Both the battle between evil dragon overlords and the fight for Good come to the fore as the first epic trilogy of the FIFTH AGE™ comes to a conclusion.

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