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Series Summary

Dragons Anthology

These books contain short stories focused mainly on dragons, the true children of Krynn. See how their stories and lives interacted with other well known (and unknown) characters during pivotal times in Ansalon history.

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Cover Art Dragons Vol 1

Volume 1

The Dragons of Krynn

edited by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman

Paperback Published
Mar 1994

In this one-of-a-kind collection, you'll find:

  • An elite corps of bridge-building draconians.
  • A Solamnic stalking a dangerous specter.
  • A minotaur captured by a dark wizard and put to a cruel and unusual test.
  • Kender who pilfer magic, gully dwarves who cook a delicious rat stew, and gnomes who invent whatchamacallits that wreak spectacular havoc.
  • Plus, all manner and hue of dragons, good, evil, and just plain mischievous.

These exciting and other-worldly short stories are by authors of the DRAGONLANCE® saga, on of the world's best-selling fantasy series. Authors include Nancy Varian Berberick, Jeff Grubb, Richard A. Knaak, Roger E. Moore, Douglas Niles, Nick O-Donohoe, Michael and Teri Williams, and Margaret Weis.

Paperback Published
May 1996

Volume 2

The Dragons at War

edited by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman

Cover Art Dragons Vol 2

Dragons, the true children of Krynn, are power incarnate, and they know it. They come in all guises and forms. Their personalities are as varied as their colors. Their magical abilities are virtually unlimited. And nothing is so terrifying as dragons on the wing.

In this collection, a follow-up to the popular The Dragons of Krynn anthology, TSR's best-known authors serve up a fantastical array of dragon tales featuring the motley races of Krynn and the deadliest creatures of the DRAGONLANCE® saga.

Here are exciting new stories in the series that has enthralled over 12 million readers worldwide, written by TSR's finest authors and edited by DRAGONLANCE creators Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman.

Cover Art Dragons Vol 3

Volume 3

The Dragons of Chaos

edited by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman

Paperback Published
Dec 1997

The Chaos War Rages

For fans of Dragons of Summer Flame, this is a new short-story collection, featuring the brave heroes, dark villains, differing races, and all varieties of dragons of TSR's most popular fantasy world - Krynn.

Edited by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman, this volume highlights familiar and beloved characters (and creatures), filling in some intriguing gaps of lost DRAGONLANCE® history.

Paperback Published
April 2007

Volume 4

Dragons of Time

edited by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman

Cover Art Dragons Vol 4
    Dragons dead, and dragons alive. Every size, type, color, and strange mood. Some good, some bad, and some not very snuggly.

Welcome to an evil wizard’s macabre puppet show. Meet a chain of fools locked in a showdown with a brass dragon. Read the latest edition of “The Flying Dragon.”

These and more fantastic tales come from Richard A. Knaak, Jean Rabe, Paul B. Thompson, and other Dragonlance authors telling new tales of Krynn and of dragons that have shaped the world.

Table of Contents

"Homecoming" by Lizz Weis
"Chain of Fools" by Cam Banks
"Jaws of Defeat" by Paul B. Thompson
"Unforgotten" by Jean Rabe
"I Read It in The Flying Dragon" by Douglas W. Clark
"Aurora's Heart" by Rachel Gobar
"The Dragon's Claw" by Jake Bell
"Bloodrage" by Kevin T. Stein
"The Vow" by Richard A. Knaak
"Song of the Mother" by Lucien Soulban
"The Eight" by Mary H. Herbert
"No Strings Attached" by Miranda Horner and Margaret Weis

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