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Series Summary

Dwarven Nations Trilogy

Here is the historical saga of how the hill dwarves and mountain dwarves came about and why they hate each other so.

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Cover Art Dwarven Nations Vol 1

Volume 1

The Covenant of the Forge

Dan Parkinson

Originally Published
Feb 1993

Latest in the Best-Selling DRAGONLANCE® Series

An old dwarven chieftain, Colin Stonetooth, leads a tribe of Hylar in a migration across Ansalon, pursuing a vision of a new home.

Hordes of dangerous outsiders, fleeing the Dragon Wars, are sweeping the countryside. Evil magic, strange knights, precocious kender, too, abound.

In the Kharolis Mountains, in Kal Thax, the Hylar come upon squabbling dwarven clans and knit them into the new nation of Thorbardin. But a Theiwar assassin precipitates a civil war, a curse is fulfilled, and a child is born destined to become the Father of Kings.

The long-awaited historical saga of the bitterly rivalrous dwarven clans of Krynn is told for the first time by Dan Parkinson, author of the DRAGONLANCE novel The Gates of Thorbardin and stories in the Tales II Trilogy.

Originally Published
Jun 1993

Volume 2

Hammer and Axe

Dan Parkinson

Cover Art Dwarven Nations Vol 2

Latest in the Best-Selling DRAGONLANCE® Series

The humans of Ergoth continue to encroach upon Thorbardin, but the worst threat to the dwarven fortress comes from a mysterious fog-beast and a covetous wizard.

A Cobar, a kender, and a giant raptor add to the confusion as the dwarves are faced with wizards who command not only the forces of magic but thousands of mercenaries as well. And, unknown to the dwarves who valiantly fight the invaders, the beast has already claimed Thorbardin for its own.

Dan Parkinson, author of The Covenant of the Forge, first in the Dwarven Nations Trilogy, continues the sweeping historical saga of the fractious dwarven races who inhabit the world of Krynn in the popular DRAGONLANCE books.

Cover Art Dwarven Nations Vol 3

Volume 3

The Swordsheath Scroll

Dan Parkinson

Originally Published
Jan 1994

Latest in the Best-Selling DRAGONLANCE® Series

Despite the stubborn courage of dwarven warriors, the protracted Wilderness War ends as a no-win. The Swordsheath Scroll is signed, and Thorbardin shows its support of the open-minded Qualinesti elves by joining in the construction of magnificient Pax Tharkas.

A new leader emerges from their midst, Derkin, the King of Living Stone, whose bravery and wisdom is written in dwarven annals, and whose name becomes the "throne name" of all future dwarven kings.

Author Dan Parkinson also wrote The Covenant of the Forge and Hammer and Axe, the first two books in the best-selling Dwarven Nations Trilogy of the DRAGONLANCE saga.

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