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Series Summary

Ergoth Trilogy

A historical series detailing the time of Ergoth.

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Ergoth Trilogy Vol 1 Cover Art

Volume 1

A Warrior's Journey

Paul B. Thompson and Tonya C. Cook

Paperback Published
May 2003


The mighty Ergothian empire is gripped by civil war.

Centuries before the first Cataclysm sunders Ansalon, two imperial dynasties struggle for supremacy. Brutal warlords jockey for power, while corrupt wizards sell their skills to the highest bidder. Unnatural monsters prey on the unwary.

Amid this chaos and upheaval, a brave young peasant shakes the towers of the mighty as his fate and the destiny of Krynn collide.


Volume 2

The Wizard's Fate

Paul B. Thompson and Tonya C. Cook

Paperback Published
Feb 2004

Ergoth Trilogy Vol 2 Cover Art


A warrior returns home to reclaim all he has lost.

After a bloody ten-year war, the mighty city of Tarsis has been brought to its knees. Lord Tolandruth - once the farmer's son Tol - has led the armies of the Ergoth Empire to the enemy's very gates. Poised for final victory, instead he is recalled to Daltigoth. The Emperor is dead, and civil war threatens to tear apart the empire.

Tol takes a long, perilous journey back to the seat of power, not only to attend upon a new emperor and be reunited with the woman he loves, but to avenge himself on the wizard who caused his exile. Reclaiming his love and honor calls for sacrifices that will shape his destiny - and the future of Krynn.


Cover Art Ergoth Trilogy V3

Volume 3

A Hero's Justice

Paul B. Thompson and Tonya C. Cook

Paperback Published Dec 2004


The Ergoth Empire trembles from a double invasion: reptilian bakali plunge straight into the heartland, while bands of human nomads ravage the eastern frontier. Army after army, warlord after warlord fails to stop the invaders. Voices whisper, “Where is Tol of Juramona? Only he can save us!”
A mad emperor will not heed the calls for Tol’s return, so powerful forces align to deliver the champion of Ergoth back home. A wizard and a general, an empress and a queen -- all take up the quest. Despite their efforts, though, Tol alone must decide whether to give up the peace and serenity of exile, or to save the empire that dishonored him.

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