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Kingpriest Trilogy


The glorious reign of Istar -- in its heyday, the city shone as a jewel in the land, reflecting the power and goodness at its heart . . . but a zealous love of what is right can corrupt even those who seem above such flaws.

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  Cover Art Kingpriest V1

Volume 1

Chosen of the Gods

Chris Pierson

Originally Published
Nov 2001


The Mightiest Empire Krynn Has Ever Known.

The Kingpriests have reigned for centuries in the name of Paladine, the supreme god of good. But danger lurks in the empire's heart. The Kingpriest has foreseen his own death, and dark forces converge on the Temple, vying to control the throne.

Following a prophetic dream, a high priestess of Paladine sets forth in search of a worker of miracles, one who can lead the way to the triumph of light over darkness: the Lightbringer, the true chosen of the gods.


Originally Published
Oct 2002

Volume 2

The Divine Hammer

Chris Pierson

Cover Art Kingpriest V2

Twenty years have passed since Beldinas the Kingpriest took the throne, and his is a realm of unsurpassed glory. But evil threatens, so Beldinas must turn to a loyal liutenant to extinguish the darkness of foul sorcery. This title will set up elements of the third novel, which will be tied to events in the core titles from the Dragonlance Legends trilogy.

Cover Art Kingpriest Vol 3

Volume 3

Sacred Fire

Chris Pierson

Paperback Published
Dec 2003

This title completes the exploration of a key part of Dragonlance history. The era explored in this novel, although referred to frequently throughout many Dragonlance novels, is being finely detailed for the first time. In addition, this title features popular characters that appear throughout the Dragonlance Legends trilogy.
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