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Series Summary

Linsha Trilogy

A new trilogy centering around the character of Linsha Majere, the grandchild of Caramon and Tika Majere, daughter of Palin and Usha Majer. Mary Herbert's previous title, "The Clandestine Circle", introduced Linsha to Dragonlance readers. This new trilogy will advance the story of the world after the events of the War of Souls and will also introduce a major new villain to the setting.

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Volume 1

City of the Lost

Mary H. Herbert

Paperback Published
Aug 2003



At a lonely outpost on the edge of the world, two dragon overlords threaten to upset the region's fragile peace. One has entrusted Rose Knight Linsha Majere with a terrible secret. When a magical storm hammers all of Ansalon, the precarious order is shattered, and Linsha must embark on a desperate quest to save the city from the onslaught of an unstoppable enemy.


Volume 2

Flight of the Fallen

Mary H. Herbert

Paperback published Sep 2004

Cover Art Linsha Trilogy V2


Things could not possibly get worse for Linsha Majere. The outpost she was sworn to defend has fallen to an invading army. Her fellow knights are hunting her as a traitor, while she has sought refuge with the last remaining freedom fighters of Missing City. The dragon eggs she swore to protect are now in the hands of her most feared enemy. As the invaders grow in strength, hope dwindles, and Linsha must make one last, desperate strike at the enemy before all of southern Ansalon falls to the forces of darkness.


Cover Art Linsha Trilogy V3

Volume 3

Return of the Exile

Mary H. Herbert

Paperback Published Feb 2005


The forces of darkness conquer...

The dragon overlords are dead, the last of the dragon eggs taken by the Tarmak conquerors for use in their vile rites. The Tarmak have crushed every army sent against them, and now Linsha Majere herself is captive, on her way to the Tarmak homeland where she faces the choice of marriage to the one man she hates the most in all the world or death in combat. Still, her oaths to her friends and her Order bind her, and she must find a way to save the last of the dragon eggs and banish the forces of darkness before all of Southern Ansalon falls to their might. Her one hope lies in the bond of knight to dragon, a bond she is only beginning to understand, but one that may prove the final hope of the world.

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