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Series Summary

Minotaur Wars

This direct follow-up to the recent best-selling War of Souls trilogy deals with the minotaurs. This series will move the minotaur species to the forefront of the Dragonlance world, and since this is the first hardcover title that deals directly with the world-changing fallout at the end of the War of Souls, it is both a key title for Dragonlance fans and an excellent entry point for new readers.

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Minotaur Wars Vol 1 Cover Art

Volume 1

Night of Blood

Richard A. Knaak

Hardcover Published
June 2003

Paperback Published
Feb 2004

As the War of Souls envelops Krynn, a terrifying Night of Blood brings power to a new ruling clan in the land of the minotaurs. The usurper owes his might to a restless legion of the dead and a pact forged with the ancient enemies of the horned empire.

The struggle for power and riches spawns the Minotaur Wars . . . and threatens to sweep across the entire continent of Ansalon.

Minotaur Wars Vol 2 Cover Art


Volume 2

Tides of Blood

Richard A. Knaak

Hardcover Published
April 2004

Paperback Published
April 2005

As the War of Souls engulfs Ansalon, the minotaur empire and its ogre allies invade the stricken elven kingdom of Silvanesti. But blinded by his military successes, the minotaur Emperor Hotak ignores ominous signs of trouble within his realm.

And from the savage mining camps of the ogres rises an escaped minotaur slave with no ambitions of his own, save survival, a scion of the imperial bloodline whose course of action will push the empire to the brink of anarchy . . . and with it the rest of Krynn.

Cover Art Minotaur Vol3

Volume 3

Empire of Blood

Richard A. Knaak

Hardcover Published
May 2005

Paperback Published March 2006

The aftermath of the War of Souls has left the minotaur empire in turmoil. As its armies secure the elven land of Silvanesti, a new and terrifying emperor seizes power, commanding legions of fanatic Protectors and wielding the dark magic of the Forerunners.

But the gods have returned and the escaped slave Faros leads a growing rebellion against the sinister regime. In a climatic struggle raging from the harsh crags of ogre Kern to the gates of the imperial capital, Faros will at last confront the usurpers. But against their might and horror, even the power of a god might not avail.

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