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Series Summary

The Ogre Titans

The Grand Lord Golgren has been savagely crushing all opposition to his control of the harsh ogre lands of Kern and Blode, first sweepeing away rival chieftans, the rebuilding the capital in his image. For this he has had to deal with the ogre titans, dark, sorcerous giants who have contempt for his leadership. A follow-up to Richard Knaak's Minotaur Wars Trilogy.

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  Cover Art Ogre Titans V1 - Black Talon

Volume 1

Black Talon

Richard A. Knaak

Paperback Published
Nov 2007


The minotaur empire has transformed Silvanost into the thriving colony of Ambeon. But the old alliances are giving way to surprising new ones.

The ambitious half-breed Golgren is still rising in power. He has solidified his leadership over the ogre race through intrigue and bloodshed, and aided by a dark pact with the mystical spellcasters, the Ogre Titans.

But the cult of sorcerers, guided by their Black Talon ruling council, has ambitions of its own, a secret agenda that threatens Golgren -- and all of Krynn.


Paperback to be Published
Dec 2008

Volume 2

The Fire Rose

Richard A. Knaak

Ogre Titans Volume 2 Cover Art    

After salvaging victory over an army of undead, Golgren has cemented his leadership over the ogre race. Now he must gain the Fire Rose.

The ogre titans, his deadly rivals, have a new leader, one who is determined to succeed in their quest for a powerful magical artifact that legend says was crafted by the god of fire and alchemy. Their victory is not certain, but their devotion is unquestioned.

They are not the only players in the game of power and destiny. Creatures evil and strange want the Fire Rose, want the prize it is. They seek the Fire Rose's mastery over creation itself.

  Product Image Coming Soon

Volume 3

The Gargoyle King

Richard A. Knaak

Paperback to be Published
Dec 2009


Forced from the throne he has so long coveted, Golgren makes a final stand for control of the ogre lands against the Titans...against an enemy as ancient and powerful as a god.

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