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Series Summary

Rise of Solamnia

This title kicks off a key new Dragonlance trilogy from popular Dragonlance author Douglas Niles. This series will explore the post-war era in Solamnia, a central region of the Dragonlance world, continuing key story elements from the New York Times best-selling War of Souls series.

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  Cover Art Rise of Solamnia Vol 1 Mar 2005

Volume 1

Lord of the Rose

Douglas Niles

Paperback Published
March 2005


During the dark years after the War of Souls, chaos threatens the once-mighty empire of Solamnia. Goblins raid even fortified cities, and bandits rule great sections of the countryside. The ruling dukes, lords, and knights bicker and backstab.

Through this dangerous landscape a shadowy warrior makes his way. Jaymes Markham is a fugitive with powerful enemies and a price on his head, and he has a score to settle with the Knights of Solamnia. Evading the authorities at every turn, he searches for a secret power.

Aided by his steadfast dwarven companion and a beautiful white robed wizard, and wielding a flaming sword, Jaymes may face his most dangerous threat in the person of a lovely princess, who holds his very life in her hands.

Paperback Published
June 2006

Volume 2

The Crown and the Sword

Douglas Niles

Cover Art Rise of Solamnia Vol 2 June 2006

Having freed himself from a dreadful accusation, Sir Jaymes Markham has rebuilt an army of Solamnic knights to defend the West against invasion. Now western Solamnia is free from the barbarian hordes, as Markham commands the orders of the Rose, Sword, and Crown. But the city of Solanthus remains under siege and is in dire straits.

As Markham’s forces attempt to break the siege, he receives unlooked-for help from the small hands of a kender and the inventions of an ingenious gnome. But the barbarians, under their brutish chief, are attacking with ever-growing force, and behind Markham’s back, his political opponents wait for him to fail.

And as the armies of Solamnia and the barbarians clash outside the walls of Solanthus, a beautiful, passionate wizard must choose between the needs of politics and the demands of her heart.

  Rise of Solamnia Vol 3 Cover Art

Volume 3

The Measure and the Truth

Douglas Niles

Paperback Published Jan 2007


A new Solamnic Empire rises from the ashes of war. It is ruled by one man: a knight, a warrior, a virtual dictator driven by ambitions that trample the lives of all who aid them.

An old enemy, mightier than ever, rises to challenge him. And there are other dangers -- mortal and magical -- closer to home. The man who would be emperor must face the gravest threats in his long and violent life.

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