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Series Summary

The Stonetellers

A tale of slavery, rebellion, and the struggle for freedom.

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  Cover Art Stonetellers V1 The Rebellion

Volume 1

The Rebellion

Jean Rabe

Paperback Published
Aug 2007


Devastation visits the Dark Knights' mining camp of Steel Town, destroying the goblin slaves who labor there, and their harsh masters.

In the chaos the surviving goblins unite and flee under the leadership of a determined hobgoblin and a crafty shaman who share a vision of freedom, and of a new homeland.

But first they must escape the Dark Knights, and their only path to safety is across a land more dangerous than their captivity.

The goblins are trailed by a human sorcerer, who should be on the side of the knights. Yet he finds himself strangely drawn to the slave rebellion -- and the ancient magic of the goblin race.


Paperback Published
Aug 2008

Volume 2

Death March

Jean Rabe

Stonetellers Vol 2 Cover Art  

Breaking free of a Dark Knight mining camp was only the start of a long, perilous road to freedom for the goblins and hobgoblins that follow Direfang, their hobgoblin leader.

The Dark Knights pursue their former slaves, intent on recapturing and punishing them. Mudwort is missing, gone without a trace. Deadly creatures lurk in the Khalkhists, and the escapees face threats from magical forces and their own tyranny.

Direfang's ragtag army must stay one step ahead of the knights, a task much easier said that done, even with Grallik on their side.

But a free life far from Neraka is a worthy prize.

  Product Image Coming Soon

Volume 3

Goblin Nation

Jean Rabe

Paperback to be Published
Sep 2009


A goblin nation rises in the old forest, building fortresses and fighting to hold onto their new homeland, while the sorcerers among them search for powerful magic cradled far beneath the trees.

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