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Series Summary

Taladas Chronicles

A new series, set to explore the other side of the Dragonlance World, Taladas.

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  Cover Art Taladas Vol1

Volume 1

Blades of the Tiger

Chris Pierson

Paperback Published
April 2005


The War of Souls is over. Takhisis is dead. On Ansalon, heroes and gods have banded together to save the world from destruction. A new peace, of sorts, has taken hold.

Half a world away, on the continent of Taladas, the troubles are just beginning. Sorcery, long thought lost, has returned to the world. Disasters wrack the land, nations clash, dark forces stir in the aftermath of the Godless Night.

On the grasslands of the Tamire, an ambitious lrod unites the barbarian tribes, streaming south for plunder and bloody conquest . . .

Among the fortresses and cities of the Minotaur League, a victorious general returns to his family after years away . . .

In the shadows, an elven thief tracks a mysterious enemy that seeks a statue of eldritch magic . . .

One will live, one will die, and one will wish for death. For ancient powers are waking in Taladas.


Paperback Published April 2006

Volume 2

Trail of the Black Wyrm

Chris Pierson

Cover Art - Taladas Vol 2 April 2006

The Battle of the Run is over, but for Barreth Forlo victory is bitter.

With only a dragon’s scale to aid them, Barreth and his friends must find his missing wife before it’s too late. A strange evil is stirring and a foul ritual has begun.

And Forlo’s unborn child lies at the heart of it.

Explore the legendary continent of Taladas, where barbarian chiefs struggle for survival against power-mad sorcerers in the uneasy aftermath of the War of Souls.

  Cover Art Taladas Vol 3

Volume 3

Shadow of the Flame

Chris Pierson

Paperback Published
June 2007


As war and devastation spread across the continent of Taladas, a small band of heroes has just suffered a devastating loss in a fight to determine the world’s fate. Barreth Forlo, their leader, has been possessed by the spirit of Maladar the Faceless, a sorcerer-king who seeks to return to power. Now Shedara and Hult, Forlo’s companions, must push on without him. Pitted against their friend, they must find a way to stop Maladar from raising his ancient empire from the ashes of history.

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