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Series Summary

Tales of the Fifth Age

The Fifth Age was a dramatic time of change for Krynn. The gods have abandoned them and giant dragons rule the land. Here is an anthology of stories that explores this time period of Krynn.

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Cover Art Tales 5th Age Vol 1

Volume 1

Relics and Omens

edited by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman

Originally Published Apr 1998

Old companions and fresh heroes.
New and ever more fantastical
creatures and monsters.
Banished gods and lost magic.
Dragon overlords are taking
over the world of Krynn.
The Chaos War is ending.
The Fifth Age is beginning.

A collection of fantastical short
stories exploring the new
FIFTH AGE© setting, from
TSR's best known

Originally Published Oct 1999

Volume 2

Heroes and Fools

edited by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman

Cover Art Tales 5th Age Vol 2

A submarine trip to an island of ghosts. A band of fugitive actors. A deadly draconian who has had too much holiday punch. And veritable onslaught of dryads, shadow wights, and that rarest of all monsters, the dread forest boojum.

Also, from the team of Margaret Weis and Don Perrin, the latest adventure of Kang and his wayward troop of draconians.

In the proud tradition of the best-selling DRAGONLANCE® anthologies. Heroes and Fools promises a sometimes heroic - sometimes foolish - visit to the world of Krynn

Cover Art Tales 5th Age Vol 3

Volume 3

Rebels and Tyrants

edited by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman

Originally Published Apr 2000

Welcome to Krynn, where magic and fantasy are commonplace.

In this collection, Don Perrin offers the story of a family of minotaurs cursed by Sargonnas to repeat their heinous crime of betrayal year after year after year. The god himself enjoys materializing to savor their torment. Until one year, Sargonnas doesn't show up …

Plus tales of rebels, tyrants, and other inhabitants of the wondrous world of DRAGONLANCE by best-selling authors Margaret Weis, Richard A. Knaak, Nancy Varian Berberick, Paul B. Thompson, Chris Pierson, and Linda P. Baker in a new installment of the long-running short story series celebrating its fifteenth anniversary.

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