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Tales from the War of Souls


Explore more in depth the effects of the War of Souls on people and see in depth major events that the reader was introduced to in the War of Souls trilogy.

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  Cover Art Tales War of Souls Vol  1

Volume 1

The Search for Magic

edited by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman

Paperback Published
Oct 2001

The War of Souls casts a long shadow over the world of Krynn. In the ruins of Krolus and the upper reaches of Neraka, in dusty Tarsis and the forbidding Icewall, dangerous magic and fantastical creatures stir. Amid this vast panorama are powerful dragons, ghosts of war, Qualinesti rebels, kender pipedreams, gnome antics, and much, much more.

Delve into tales by best-selling DRAGONLANCE® authors Paul B. Thompson, Nancy Varian Berberick, Richard A. Knaak, Don Perrin, and others.


Paperback Published
Feb 2003

Volume 2

The Players of Gilean

edited by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman

Cover Art Tales from the War of Souls Vol 2  

Across the ages roam an immortal troupe of actors, gifted with fantasical powers and led by a mysterious artiste with a penchant for meddling. Wherever they roam, they encounter magic and monsters and evil that requires taming.

This is the first anthology based on characters from the extraordinary novella "The Travelling Players of Gilean," by Margaret Weis and Aron Eisenberg, which was featured in The Best of Tales, Volume One. This new anthology also features novellas by best-selling DRAGONLANCE authors Douglas Niles, Richard A. Knaak, Paul B. Thompson, and a new collaboration by Jean Rabe and Aron Eisenberg, Nog on television's Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.


Cover Art Search for Power May 2004

Volume 3

The Search for Power

edited by Margaret Weis

Paperback Published
May 2004


After the War of Souls, the dragons of Krynn return in force. Among their countless host can be found every size, color, and strange variety; ghostly dragons; fierce super-dragons and comic itty-bitty ones; albino dragons with unusual appetites; even dragons in a box, ready to spring a surprise. Fortunately for the inhabitants of Ansalon, the land is also rife with dragon-slayers and magic-users, who draw on dragon lore to understand the power of these mysterious creatures.

Explore the myriad lives of the dragons of the DRAGONLANCE worldd with this new collection, including stories by best-selling authors Douglas Niles, Richard A. Knaak, Paul B. Thompson, Jean Rabe, Nancy Varian Berberick, Jeff Grubb, and others.

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