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The New Adventures - Elements


The continuing adventures of Nearra and her magic.

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  Cover Art YA NA Elements Vol 1

Volume 1

Pillar of Flame

Ree Soesbee

Paperback Published Jan 2007


New to her magic, Nearra has only recently stepped out on the path of becoming a wizard. But before she can even take the Test of High Sorcery, the Wizard's Conclave charges her with solving a mystery. All the fires in Kenderhome and Palanthas have gone out and Nearra must determine who -- or what -- is to blame for this powerful magic. Will this be the beginning of Nearra's magical career -- or the end?


Paperback Published
July 2007

Volume 2

Queen of the Sea

Ree Soesbee

Cover Art YA NA Elements Vol 2


A tempest off the coast of Krynn threatens to overwhelm Palanthas, and once again the Wizards' Conclave sends Nearra on a treacherous journey. As Nearra works to uncover the Crescent Cabal's machinations, her sister Jirah struggles in the service of her newfound anonymous god. With the storm raging around them, Nearra must locate the Queen of the Sea and the Pillar of Water. But will the evil Crescent Cabal find them first?


Young Adult New Adventures Elements Vol 3 Cover Art

Volume 3

Tempest's Vow

Ree Soesbee

Paperback Published Apr 2008


Nearra's last chance to take the Test is thwarted once again, and she is put out of the Hall of the Three Moons. She and her friends still have the Cabal to deal with, though, and a new mystery to solve: who broke into the Tower and disrupted Nearra's Test, stealing a shard of the Pillar of Air?

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