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The New Adventures - Elidor Trilogy


Elidor from the New Adventures continues his story.

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  Cover Art NA Elidor Trilogy Vol 1

Volume 1

Crown of Thieves

Ree Soesbee

Paperback Published Nov 2005


After battling an ancient sorceress, Elidor’s friends were heartbroken, convinced he was dead.

They were wrong.

One year later, Elidor awakens deep in the bowels of Maddoc’s keep. A slender crown sits upon his head. Its magic keeps his body among the living, but its salvation comes at a price. As Elidor struggles to keep the crown out of the hands of an evil wizard, he finds himself drawn back to the one place that frightens him the most: his own past.


Paperback Published
March 2006

Volume 2

The Crystal Chalice

Ree Soesbee

Cover Art NA Elidor Trilogy Vol 2


As the Defiler’s curse holds Vael’s health hostage, Elidor searches for a way to rescue her without succumbing to the evil wizard’s demands.

Somewhere within the lost city of Taeloc, a crystal chalice may hold the answers to his prayers. A group of shady mercenaries offers to protect Elidor on the journey and give him the chalice, in exchange for his help in locating the city. Desperate to save his love, Elidor reluctantly agrees.

But nothing goes exactly as planned . . .


Cover Art NA Elidor Trilogy Vol 3

Volume 3

City of Fortune

Ree Soesbee

Paperback Published
July 2006

  In the ancient lost city of Taeloc, Elidor’s hopes of renewing Vael’s health have been betrayed. Unwilling to give up on her, Elidor tracks the Chalice to Gwynned, where danger awaits those with wishes and the Defiler still lurks in the shadows.

Loyalties must be questioned at every turn. Who can Elidor trust?


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