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The New Adventures - Trinistyr Trilogy


The Trinistyr
Ancient holy relic
Cursed symbol of power
Key to Nearra’s future . . . or her destruction

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  Cover Art NA Trinistyr Trilogy Vol 1

Volume 1

Wizard's Curse

Christina Woods

Paperback Published Sep 2005


Once known throughout Ansalon as talented magic-users, Nearra’s family has been barren of power for over three hundred years, ever since her ancestor betrayed a fellow wizard to the evil god Hiddukel.

Until now . . .

Imbued with vestiges of Asvoria’s power, Nearra is convinced she can restore her magical heritage. With family and friends by her side, she ventures south to Icereach, hoping to release the ancient wizard’s spirit. But new enemies lurk where she least expects them. And the journey tests her every resolve. Will Nearra find the strength to break the wizard’s curse?


Paperback Published
Jan 2006

Volume 2

The Wizard's Betrayal

Jeff Sampson

Cover Art NA Trinistyr Trilogy Vol 2


An antique map reveals yet another family secret: Nearra must relive the suffering of two more of the wizards betrayed by her ancestor, or her family’s magic and the healing power of the Trinistyr will never be restored.

Undeterred, Nearra, Jirah, and their friends continue their mission, arriving at the once great city of Tarsis. But they do not journey alone. Two elf mages watch them from afar, while a dark cleric follows their every move. Betrayals come to light. New powers arise. And a startling revelation threatens to destroy Nearra, once and for all.


Cover Art NA Trinistyr Trilogy Vol 3

Volume 3

Wizard's Return

Dan Willis

Paperback Published
May 2006

  Nearra and Jirah have been struggling to thwart a curse that’s held their family’s magic at bay for over three hundred years. Just on the eve of victory, the two sisters are forced to make a terrible choice.

To free the final wizard, one of them must make a shocking sacrifice. The decision sends ripples through the group, reigniting the bitterness between Davyn and Icefire. Can the companions find the strength to stand together and fight the final battle for Nearra and Jirah’s future? Or will their mission ultimately fail?

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