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The New Adventures


A young adult series, bringing original young characters into the Dragonlance world in situations with which young readers can identify. Nearra, a young girl with a mysterious past, awakens without her memory and journeys the world to remember it.

The story is set in Solamnia, just after the War of the Lance and the events detailed in the Dragonlance Chronicles series.

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  Cover Art YA New Adventures V1

Volume 1

Temple of the Dragonslayer

Tim Waggoner

Paperback Published May 2004


Nearra does not know who she is or where she lives, but she does know one thing: someone wants her dead. Her only hope lies leagues away, in an ancient temple, where healing clerics may be able to restore her memory.

A helpful young ranger, a failed warrior, a sneaky elf, and a kender wizard offer to accompany Nearra on her journey. She soon learns her newfound friends have secrets of their own. As goblins, an angry minotaur, and a vicious green dragon attempt to stop them at every turn, friendships are tested and all of it may come to ruin from the one Nearra trusts the most.


Paperback Published
July 2004

Volume 2

The Dying Kingdom

Stephen D. Sullivan

Cover Art YA New Adventures V2


The kingdom of Arngrim is a cold and mysterious place. Home to the Scarlet Brethren, a sect of powerful mages, this near-forgotten place may hold the key to restoring Nearra’s memory. But neither Nearra nor her friends realize the price they’ll have to pay.

Distracted by the charms of Alric, Arngrim’s heir apparent, Catriona fails to see the danger that lies before them. As Nearra’s dark visions grow stronger, Davyn struggles to hide the secret that could save her. Soon the companions find they’ve blundered into a terrifying plot. And this time, Nearra isn’t the only one who will have to fight for her life.


Cover Art New Adventures V3

Volume 3

The Dragon Well

Dan Willis

Paperback Published
Sep 2004

  In a tiny mountain village, Nearra and her friends meet a mysterious clairvoyant who’s had a vision of Nearra’s destiny -- and a vision that could destroy them all.

The seer predicts the friends will defeat the bandit king terrorizing her village home. When they return victorious, she will reveal how Nearra can recover her identity, once and for all. Desperate to help Nearra, the group strides into battle. But soon the mission turns to disaster. Ancient powers rise before them. Secrets long buried come to light. And none of them will ever be the same.


Paperback Published
Nov 2004

Volume 4

Return of the Sorceress

Tim Waggoner

Cover Art New Adventures V4

  Armed with new weapons and a newfound confidence, Nearra and her friends plan to confront the wizard Maddoc. But before they can reach Cairngorn Keep, a skeletal griffin kidnaps Nearra and delivers her directly into the wizard’s hands.

As Maddoc prepares the final spell to unleash the Emergence, Davyn and the others struggle to rescue Nearra. But in the confines of Maddoc’s keep, appearances deceive. Friends become enemies. Dark dreams become reality. And naive Nearra may not be as innocent as she seems.

  Cover Art New Adventures V5

Volume 5

Dragon Sword

Ree Soesbee

Paperback Published
Jan 2005



Released from Maddoc's spell, Asvoria sets out to reclaim her most treacherous weapon: a magical sword. Davyn and his friends have one hope left. If they can locate the sword first, they may have a chance to stop Asvoria and free Nearra.

Only one man can lead them to the sword. And as fate would have it, it's Maddoc, the wizard who started this all. But can Davyn and his friends trust their worst enemy?


Paperback Published March 2005

Volume 6

Dragon Day

Stan Brown

Cover Art New Adventures V6  
  Things Fall Apart

Shocked by the tragic outcome of the battle with Asvoria, the companions go their separate ways. Sindri enrolls in a legendary school of magic, while Catriona meets a dashing young cleric who helps her make peace with her failures.

But as Dragon Day draws near, peace gives way to new conflict. And this time, the two friends stand as enemies in a feud between the most powerful wizards and clerics in Solamnia. Spells fly. Loyalties shatter. All the while, someone is watching, preparing for the final battle that could bring doom to them all.

Cover Art New Adventures V7

Volume 7

Dragon Knight

Dan Willis

Paperback Published May 2005

Consumed by grief and haunted by nightmares, Davyn has given up on himself and his friends. But he cannot deny his destiny for long.

Shemnara rekindles Davyn’s hope with a new vision. If Davyn can enlist the help of the dreaded Dragon Knight, Nearra may survive. Only Oddvar, the shifty Theiwar, has ever entered the Knight's home and lived to tell the tale. But even a Theiwar's secrets can be bought, for the right price. Soon, with old friends, new allies, and Oddvar by his side, Davyn enters the cursed keep. Nearra's fate rests in his hands. And all he has to do is make it out . . . alive.

Paperback Published July 2005

Volume 8

Dragon Spell

Jeff Sampson

Cover Art New Adventures V8
The Final Battle

Asvoria sets her ultimate plan in motion: to transform herself into a dragon. It has never been done before . . . until now. With her newfound power, she hopes to rule the dragons of Krynn, with all other races as her servants, willingly or not.

But Catriona, Sindri, Maddoc, and Davyn are determined to stop her. With renewed hope and reunited forces, the companions prepare for the battle of their lives. If they succeed, Krynn will be saved from Asvoria’s tyranny. If they fail, Nearra’s soul will be lost . . . forever.

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